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Comparison chart of concrete coloring products
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  • Dyes vs. Stains: What Are the Differences? Learn how dyes work and what makes them different from chemical stains. Dyes vs. Stains
  • Color Chart See a sample of possible colors that can be created when using dyes on concrete. Concrete Dye Color Chart
  • Compare Coloring Products Use this chart to easily compare acid stains, water-based stains, dyes and more. Compare Coloring Products
  • Concrete Dye Reviews Get an inside look at the latest dyes available. Dye Reviews
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Dye Buying Tips Get advice for making the best purchase possible when shopping for dyes.
Artistic Concrete Gallery Browse pictures of creative concrete designs, many of which used dyes.
Concrete Tool Videos Watch Bob Harris demonstrate a variety of tools that can be used to apply dyes and stains.

Featured Products
Formula One Liquid Dye Concentrate
Kolour Dye Great for interior polished concrete.
Ameripolish Color Juice $89.00/gallon
Cem-Dye Liquid dye. Soluble in water and acetone
Fast Stain - Dye Deep penetrating powered dye
BRICKFORM Pro-Dye Creates a layer of translucent color. Easy to apply, quick to dry.
Non-Reactive Stain Many vibrant colors
Ameripolish Dye for polished concrete
Kemiko Dyes Water and solvent based
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