Concrete Dyes in USA and Worldwide

Decorative Concrete Institute
Pre-mixed solvent and water based concrete dyes. One & five gallon quantities. 12 standard colors available (powders available). Order Today!
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BRICKFORM Pro-Dye is a translucent dye, designed to penetrate & color any concrete surface. Creates intense color that has the mottled effect of an acid stain.
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Surface Koatings, Inc.
Surface Koatings Inc manufactures several types of stains and dyes designed to enhance and beautify concrete including Concentrated Acid Stain, Interior polishing dyes, and UV resistant exterior/interior concrete dyes.
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Get More Information: Read more about Concrete Dyes on The Concrete Network. You’ll find information about how dyes work, when to use dyes, application techniques of concrete dye, limitations of dyes, protecting and maintaining dyes surfaces, and other resources.

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