Concrete Hardeners & Integral Colored Concrete in USA and Worldwide

Davis Colors
Davis Colors’ is a world leader in coloring concrete with integral (mixed in) colors. We add color to all concrete pavements. Over 50 colors available or chose a custom color!
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Butterfield Color®
Dry & liquid integral colors as well as dry-shake color hardeners. Custom colors, color matching or 24 standard colors for cast in place, precast & tilt-up concrete.
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Solomon Colors Inc
Solomon Colors Inc coloring systems produce marvelous, creatively unique concrete. Use liquid or powder integral color, release agents, color hardeners & more.
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Proline Concrete Tools
Dura-Color Hardeners are uniform, streak-free hardeners durable enough for high traffic areas. These are a great base for stamped concrete. Available in 42 beautiful colors. Call to find a local dealer & prices.
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Kingdom Products
Our color hardeners are guaranteed to provide unmatched quality, coverage & consistency. Get more durable & abrasion-resistant concrete that doesn't fade & is UV-stable. New distributor locations available!
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Get More Information: Read more about Integral Colored Concrete and read more about Concrete Hardeners on The Concrete Network. You’ll also find information about understanding colored concrete, how concrete gets colored, water cement ratio, the role that gray cement plays in the final color, proper curing required, techniques that may save a slab with inconsistent color, and other resources.

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