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Many options are available to resurface existing concrete. Whether the concrete is cracked, heaving, spalling or just plain boring looking, a resurfacing system exists that can make the surface look like new again.

A concrete resurfacer can be used to beautify concrete and make it look new without having to replace the concrete entirely. You'll also find tip on how to best choose the resurfacer system needed for your project.

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The best concrete resurfacers offer flexibilty when it comes to application and finishes. Look for a product that is sprayable or can be trowel-applied. It is also nice if the material can be integrally colored and used with stencils or masking tape to create unique designs.

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When resurfacing outdoor areas, like a concrete driveway, you may need a different type of resurfacing product than when resurfacing indoor areas, like a garage floor.

Decide which of these characteristics are most important for your project, before purchasing resurfacing material:

  • Water resistance
  • Non-slip
  • UV resistance
  • Ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles
  • Resistance to chemicals, oil and grease
  • Ability to withstand heavy foot traffic found in commercial or retail applications

Featured Products
Overlay Mix Premixed blends for easy installation. From Brickform
MT Resurfacer Polymer modified micro-topping. Creates an abrasion resistant surface.
Sprayable Texture Overlay Self-bonding, add water-only
Stampable Overlay Mix Premixed blend for easy installation. From Brickform
Top Cap Resurfacer Spray down, knock down or cool deck finishes

Additionally, different resurfacers can be applied at different thicknesses. Some projects call for a very thin layer of material, while others require more material to level or even out the concrete surface.

You should also consider turnaround time when picking the best product. Some resurfacers are ready for use in as little as 24 hours, which is important for businesses and public spaces.

Keep in mind that the resurfacer you choose is only as good as the concrete you apply it to. Sound concrete with minor flaws or cracking is the best candidate. Additionally, the concrete must be properly prepared before application and when mixing product you must follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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Comparison Chart of Overlay Systems Compare popular resurfacing products such as microtoppings, spray-downs and more.
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