Packed with the insights of veteran overlay installers from around the country, Concrete Overlays Today will help decorative concrete contractors gain insight into an evolving industry.

Written by technical expert Chris Sullivan, this e-book is a must-read for professional overlay installers. It provides inside information and valuable advice for those who wish to be successful in the developing overlay industry. Here are seven current trends that Sullivan shares in the e-book:

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Discover seven rising trends in the overlay industry from’s new e-book. You’ll get insights and advice from veteran overlay installers that will help you find success in today’s market.

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  1. Microtoppings
    Find out how multiple finish and color options make microtoppings ideal for a wide range of applications. Learn about how this type of overlay is being used in residential and commercial locations, indoors and out and even on vertical surfaces.

    Learn more: Microtoppings - The Most Diverse of All Decorative Overlay Types

  2. Stampable Overlays
    Learn about why stampable overlays are not currently experiencing the same rapid growth as other overlay systems, even though advances in technology and application techniques have contributed to improved quality and new design possibilities.

  3. Learn more: Stampable Overlays

  4. Polishable Overlays
    Discover why polishable overlays are the hottest trend in the decorative overlay marketplace today and find out if you have the skill set to begin installing them. Get insights into the future of polished overlays and how they fit into design trends.

    Learn more: Polishable Concrete Overlays

  5. Surface Preparation
    See how greater use of mechanical surface preparation methods is resulting in better overlay performance industry-wide. Find out why more installers are taking the time to properly repair cracks and grind surfaces before applying overlays.

    Learn more: Surface Preparation Trends in Decorative Overlays

  6. Installing Decorative Overlays
    Find out what tools are popular amongst the best overlay installers. See how new equipment and tools are helping speed up the installation process.

    Learn more: Trends in Tools for Installing Decorative Overlays

  7. Color and Pattern
    Learn what finishes, colors and patterns are popular in today’s decorative overlay market. See why more people are requesting lighter colors and clean lines.

    Learn more: Color and Pattern Trends in Decorative Overlays

  8. Sealers and Maintenance
    Discover why the industry is shifting towards the use of higher-quality sealers and floor finishes. Also find out why matte finishes are overtaking high-gloss finishes.

    Learn more: Sealer and Maintenance Trends in Decorative Overlays

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