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Decorative concrete contractors around the country have sent us awesome pictures and stories about unique jobs they've been doing. Read about them here to get ideas for your decorative concrete project. Find out how the projects were designed and created, what techniques and products were used, and any special challenges that were overcome during construction.

Dressed to Impress Dana and Brooks Tucker, Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes, Franklin, Tenn.
Stenciled Concrete Overlay Adds a Touch of Class from Custom Concrete Solutions in West Hartford, CT
Stenciled Concrete Gives Impression of Concrete Carpet in Outdoor Patio from Faux Villa Decorative Finishes Studio in Chula Vista, CA
Concrete Rug Submitted by Art Over Concrete, Murfreesboro, TN.
Complementary Floor Designs Create Harmony Image-N-Concrete in Castle Rock, CO.
Nickel-Sized Image on Tequila Bottle Becomes the Focal Point in Homes Concrete Entryway. Project profile submitted by Solid Solutions in Fresno, CA.

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