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Project: 16' diameter logo made with Flattoo stencil

Tony Victor and Ben Washburn of Stone Roots, Inc. transformed a plain, red-colored, sawcut circle on a polished floor into a detailed logo. Using Surface Gel Tek's technology of Flattooing, Victor had a stencil created of his client's company logo which he then colored onto the floor using Smith Paint's stains.

"Everything was going fine until we applied the sealer," recalls Victor. "Because there would be high traffic on the logo since it was by the front door, Smith's recommended a polyurea by Flexmar. We sprayed it on and it just hit and stayed. It gave the logo a dimpled look. Four hours later when we came back, the horse looked like it had a red rash." All of Victor's long hours staining the intricate details of the logo appeared ruined. "The polyurea went through the stain we had applied and grabbed the original red color on the floor. Although we had cleaned the red stain and prepped the area well for our stencil, the red color re-emulsified and pulled up through the horse."

To fix the problem, Victor sanded down the polyurea, flattened to the color, the resealed with the same polyurea. "It still looked like the horse had a rash, so we restained over the top of the sealer. Only the light colors needed to be restained." Much to the pleasure of Stone Roots, Inc., and the owner of the store, Victor says, "The logo came out more beautiful the second time! We put a final coat of wax on it and the owner loved it."

Tony Victor and Ben Washburn
Stone Roots, Inc.
301 16th St.
New Cumberland, PA. 17070
Phone: 717-943-2289
Fax: 717-695-0663

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