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If you’re a homeowner getting ready to put your property on the market, focus on making sure your concrete is structurally sound and looks presentable. Choose from a quick cleaning or repair or opt for bigger renovations, depending on your timeframe and budget.


If you’d like to get you home listed soon and don’t want to spend a fortune, here are some ways to get your concrete looking its best quickly:

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If your concrete foundation, driveway or other surface has experienced structural problems, you should have it fixed before listing your home. Here are some resources:

  • Foundation Repair
    If there are any concerns about your home’s foundation, this could make it tough to sell. It is wise to have your foundation assessed and repaired before selling your house.
  • Fix Sunken Concrete with Slabjacking
    If portions of your driveway, sidewalk, patio or other outdoor surface have sunken, they can often be raised back up. A special mixture is pumped beneath the slab to float it back to its original position.
  • Repairing Bowed Basement Walls
    A carbon-fiber-reinforced grid system permanently stabilizes bowed foundation walls with minimal disruption and no excavation.


As a seller you may be considering more involved renovations, but you want to make sure the money spent increases the value of your home. Typically the best returns come from work done in kitchens and bathrooms and on the home's exterior. Finishing a basement or updating flooring can also be good choices that will help your home sell.

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Update kitchens and bathrooms

Having concrete countertops in the kitchen will make your home stand out from other properties that feature granite, marble or quartz. Concrete can also be used to update bathroom counters or vanities.

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Improve front yard curb appeal

In addition to getting your landscaping looking good, consider staining your driveway or adding a new walkway that leads to your front door.

Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas for Selling Your Home
Front Yard Landscape Ideas

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Finish the basement

A finished basement is a big plus to potential buyers since it provides extra living space. Concrete is a great flooring choice for basements since they can be prone to dampness.

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Ditch dirty carpet or dated tile

Stained concrete floors are an affordable choice that are appealing to buyers since they are easy to clean and attractive. If your concrete subfloor is in good shape and you go with a single, standard color, this is cheaper than wood, which is another favorite among buyers.

How much will these improvements cost?

When getting a home ready to sell, stick with basic designs because they are universally appealing and provide the best return on your investment. Get an idea of what you’ll spend on these projects:

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