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Poor Drainage Is Causing Sidewalk Discoloration

I am coordinating property improvements for a homeowner in the Los Angeles area. A concrete walkway poured by a licensed contractor less than a year ago is showing efflorescence and strange color variances.

Never Apply Integral Color to the Concrete Surface

I just purchased a home with a concrete patio that was poured 5 years ago. I was told by the previous homeowner that the person who poured the concrete added the color by hand, sprinkling it on top after the pour.

Efflorescence Discolors Memorial Wall

We built a veterans' memorial last year and used a color additive in the concrete. Since our dedication ceremony, the color appears to have leached out, leaving a whitish limestone-like appearance.

Efflorescence on Black Concrete

Last week, we poured a band of integrally colored black concrete. It looked great for three days, but then it rained a little the night of the third day, and by the next morning all the black color had disappeared, hidden by a grayish-white surface discoloration. What happened, and how do I fix this?

Changing the Color of a Stamped Walkway

How can I change the color of a stamped slab after it has been poured? The customer was not happy with gray and now wants a reddish-brown color.

Excess Antiquing Color Causes Problems

I have a pool deck in which the sealer seems to be flaking off and coming up in some areas. This is not an issue that we have dealt with before, so I am a little concerned. Can you let us know what is occurring and how we can remedy this issue?

Curing Colored Concrete

This integrally colored floor was cured with a non-breathable curing paper. What are the white marks on the surface, and how do we remove them?

Fixing Integral Colored Concrete – Removing Efflorescence

What would cause half of this integrally colored concrete pool patio to look so washed out? The ready-mix supplier claims to have put color in the mix, but the finisher claims to not have seen any color when placing the load. Is there any way to determine if color is actually in the concrete?

Concrete Coloring Techniques

What is the difference between base color and secondary color in stamped or imprinted concrete?

Dyes vs. Stains: What Are the Differences?

I hear a lot about using dyes on concrete. What are they, and how do they differ from chemical stains?

How to Remove Too Much Colored Release Agent

I installed a stamped concrete slab for some homeowners, and they decided they wanted more of the colored release agent removed from the slab after I had already sealed it. They thought it looked too dark. How do I remove the sealer and wash off the release to reduce the intensity of the secondary color?

Moisture 'Forces' Dye Out of Concrete

We applied concrete dyes to the floors in several rooms of this house, but the dyes failed and we are seeing a white powdery residue. We also have areas where blue painter's tape is pulling off the dye and sealer. Based on the photos, can you help us figure out what went wrong and what we can do to fix the problem?

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