Cleaner & Degreasers in USA and Worldwide

Franmar Chemicals, Inc.
Paint remover, urethane coating remover & mastic remover for concrete surfaces. From $0.27 per square foot. Environmentally safe products. #1 brand in concrete coating & mastic removal.

Featured Product:
Soy Gel Paint & Urethane Remover

Kemiko Concrete Coatings & Floor Systems
Neutra Clean™ Neutralizer and Degreaser is an industrial strength, water based degreaser designed for use with Kemiko products. Concentrated formula is free of hazardous solvents and has a light citrus scent. Conforms to LEED guidelines.

Featured Product:
Neutra Clean™ Neutralizer & Degreaser

Redi Mix Colors & Sealers
RMC and Ghostsheild have ECO friendly concentrated concrete cleaning products. A cleaner degreaser and an ETCH with NO VOC and eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, Wholesale pricing available. Save Time-Buy On Line.

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