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Stone Tone™ Stain
Creates permanent floor color that will not fade, chip, peel or wash away. Available in ten colors.

Neutra Clean™ Neutralizer and Degreaser
Industrial strength, water based degreaser designed for use with Kemiko products. Concentrated.

Rembrandt™ Polymer Stain
Polymer stain, available in a broad range of intense, blendable colors. Interior use.

SS1120 Moisture Vapor Barrier
Low VOC epoxy that provides waterproofing and sealing for above or below grade walls and floors.

Kemiko® Buildable Overlay
Applies over existing concrete that can be dyed, acid stained, acrylic stained or integrally colored.

Clear-A-Thane™ Sealer
Non-yellowing, water based protection against staining, water penetration, acid, alkalis, UV light.

Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Etc.
Coatings to provide hot tire resistance, chemical & abrasion resistance & more. Clear and colors.

Kemiko Catalog
Complete overview of Kemiko’s professional floor system and specialty coatings.