In-ground spas accented by waterfalls are both functional and visually stimulating.

Faux rock turns a traditional unadorned pool into a tropical paradise. The artificial rock can accommodate most any feature with ease including waterfalls, swim jets,lights, seating, spa jets, and more.

Faux-rock fish ponds are affordable and easy to install. And the materials used to make the rock are not toxic to water life.

Artificial boulders create an 8-foot-tall retaining wall that blends beautifully with its surroundings. Two waterfalls built into the wall add sound and movement.

Faux-rock construction lends itself well to modifying and enhancing existing features. Any kind of rock feature can be built onto an existing swimming pool.

Artificial flagstone is an attractive, practical decking surface for a swimming pool. Not only is the faux stone durable, it also stays cool during the summer.

Molding techniques can produce artificial rock formations that precisely replicate the texture and finish of real rock.

Artificial stone also can be applied to vertical surfaces. The stone veneer accenting the walls of this home was built in-place for much less than the cost of installingmanufactured stone.

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