Seat walls can be installed for many different purposes and in many different styles. The walls can be straight or curved, freestanding or integrated into a retaining wall, finished with stone or stucco and so on. Browse the designs below to get ideas of all the possibilities when it comes to seat walls.

Fire Pit Seat Walls

Add seating to one side of a fire pit by having a seat wall installed. Here, the seat wall is stacked stone with a colored concrete cap. The wall has an S-curve that helps it to blend well with the rounded design of the fire pit and patio. Installing a seat wall on just one side of a fire pit still leaves the option to pull a more comfortable chair up next to the fire.

Seat Walls as Patio Borders

Seat walls make great borders for patios. In this case, the seat wall provides extra seating in the event that all the chairs at the table are full. Notice how well the walls coordinate with the stamped concrete patio. Contractors frequently only build seat walls along a portion of the patio rather than all the way around so as not to close the space off.

Increasing Safety with Seat Walls

Sometimes seat walls serve two purposes. In this backyard, the wall can be used for seating, but it is also a safety feature. The yard slopes downward from the back of the patio, so the wall keeps people from stepping off and tripping because of the elevation change. These seat walls also emphasize the unique symmetrical design of the patio by emphasizing its edges.

Seat Walls with a Backrest

The seat wall pictured here integrates a built-in grill with the fire pit area. A white stucco backrest makes it possible for people to lean back while sitting around the fire pit. This is a great way to make built-in seating more comfortable. For optimum comfort, seat walls should be about the same height as a garden bench. Additionally, when placing them near a fire feature make sure they are far enough back to avoid people becoming quickly overheated.

Retaining Seat Walls

Another example of a seat wall with a backrest, this design also includes cushions for even more added comfort. This seat wall has an L-shape that makes it possible to get close to the square fire pit. In this case, the seat walls also serve as retaining walls for the hillside behind.

Outdoor Fireplace Seat Walls

The hearth of an outdoor fireplace can be extended to serve as seat walls, as was done here. This approach helps integrate the fireplace into the landscape and is convenient when you’re hosting a party. The walls also create a sense of enclosure without blocking views, which adds to the atmosphere of the outdoor room.

Decorative Seat Walls

This patio’s elaborate design was continued up the seat walls. A gap between the walls acts as a walkway leading to the lawn. Concrete stains were used to create the unique design on both the walls and the patio.