Custom Stencil Brightens Outdoor Patio at Local Restaurant

By Khara Dizmon, Managing Editor

About a year and a half ago, Concrete Innovations in Lubbock, TX stained the concrete interior floor of a local restaurant. Recently, they were contacted again to design and color a slab on the outside patio for the same restaurant. "They wanted something special done with their patio," recalls Chelsie Murfee, designer for Concrete Innovations. "They basically gave us carte blanche on the design."

"Chelsie has a degree in art," says Kevin Payne, co-owner of Concrete Innovations. "She's very talented with design on the computer, so she came up with the design options." One challenge was to match up the original concrete in the restaurant where it connected with the new slab. To avoid trying to match the concrete exactly, Chelsie offset the look by making the colors different.

Two themed designs were presented to the restaurant owners: one that incorporated a sun, and one that incorporated chili peppers. "They picked the sun because it was on the exterior patio," says Chelsie. At 13 feet across, the sun was the focal point of the 928 square foot patio area.

To complete the job, Chelsie created the sun layout on the computer. "I scaled them on the computer, projected them on a wall, and we measured a stencil to size. On the jobsite, Patrick, co-owner and production manager, used a customized angle-grinder to score in the circle, and PVC to bend and make the curves." Kemiko stains were used to color the project, along with a 2500 solvent acrylic sealer from The Stamp Store.

Concrete Innovations recognizes an important insight about its customers. According to Chelsie, "We realize that people don't have time to figure out what they want, so we try to do it for them." What she means is that Concrete Innovations doesn't wait for its clients to dream up a sun or chili pepper or any other design for their project. Concrete Innovations takes the lead and provides ideas to their clients right from the start. "We're better able to close jobs this way instead of waiting for people to figure out what they want." Concrete Innovations also takes this to the next level by creating PDF documents that clearly illustrate the design ideas, complete with color enhanced images of the project layout, patterns, and stain colors that will be used.

As one of the largest companies in the Lubbock area, Concrete Innovations specializes solely in decorative concrete combining their knowledge, skill, and expertise to produce the highest level of quality craftsmanship for their clients.

Concrete Innovations
Lubbock, TX

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