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Concrete Stamps

Radial Stamps for Stamping Concrete
Time: 04:57
See these concrete stamps being used to create a sun-burst pattern in a new concrete slab.

If want to go beyond the typical linear brick or stone patterns in decorative concrete, why not throw in a few curves? There are several ways you can make distinctive circular patterns in both new and existing concrete slabs, from sunburst designs to medallions to serpentine borders. You can use these radial designs alone or as a curvy contrast to a linear pattern. As you can see here, there’s no limit to the looks you can achieve.

Design ideas for going radial:

  • Create a focal point in the middle of your patio with a sunburst pattern
  • Use a medallion stamp to create a graphic such as a compass rose or star
  • Select a contrasting color for the radial design so that it will stand out even more
  • Use a radial pattern to add texture to a round bistro patio
  • Intersect radial designs to create a unique overlapping effect
  • Soften the straight lines of a driveway with a radial centerpiece at the widest point
  • Use a radial design to designate a landing or stopping point along a walkway

Radial Stamps

Radial stamps make it easy to create a wide range of circular designs in freshly placed concrete. Typically made of urethane, these interlocking stamps come in kits that can be used to form full circles, half circles, and even serpentine patterns. Cobblestone and brick patterns are the most common radial stamps available.

Decorative Engraving

Engraving tools, which cut permanent patterns into new or existing concrete, are tailor-made for circular designs. They can work off a central pivot point, like a compass, to carve perfect concentric circles in a variety of brick or stone patterns. Learn more about concrete engraving, and see additional engraving photos and patterns.

Concrete Stencils

Decorative stencils, available in precut circular patterns, are another way to add flair to concrete slabs with little effort. Depending on the type of stencils used, they can be applied to both newly placed and existing concrete. Medallion designs are particularly popular, and are often used to create focal points in plain fields of concrete. See this project: Pavers Replaced with Stenciled Concrete.