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Problem:Jim Sisco was hired to rehabilitate the concrete floor in the Carol Carey Couture Salon and Spa in Brentwood, CA. The floor needed 1,800 square feet of existing concrete to be repaired and colored. "The floor had a lot of cracks and holes," says Sisco.

Solution:Creating a modern, custom, and easy to clean floor was a request Jim Sisco of Armor Coatings knew how to answer. Using Westcoat's Liquid Dazzle, a 100-percent solids epoxy floor-coating system, Sisco improved a worn concrete floor for a contemporary salon.

Located in Brentwood, Calif., the Carol Carey Couture Salon and Spa needed 1,800 square feet of existing concrete to be repaired and colored. "The floor had a lot of cracks and holes," says Sisco. "To prep the floor, we beadblasted the existing concrete, then used an epoxy primer and patched the cracks."Sisco then installed Westcoat's Liquid Dazzle in marine color. "We put it down with a gauge rake," he explains, "then we use a loop roller and back roll to get the desired thickness of 3/16ths."

Liquid Dazzle was chosen because of its unique characteristics to create a dynamic, variegated floor that is decorative, durable, and designed for wear-resistance.

Product Recommended by Jim Sisco of Armor Coatings in San Jose, CA.

To find more information on Westcoat products like Liquid Dazzle visit

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