Concrete Overlay Colors

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Updated October 14, 2020

A tan polished overlay. ACI Flooring Inc in Beaumont, CA

The color options for concrete overlays are limitless. You can buy mixes that are pretinted like paint or you can add the pigment of your choice during mixing to produce custom hues.

Once the overlay is applied, experienced installers can achieve more elaborate color effects, such as antiquing or marbleizing, by accenting the base color with layers of topically applied color.

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Sample Overlay Color Charts

Integral Color

Uni-Mix® Color Packs
from Butterfield Color

Uni-Mix packs are premeasured doses of color for cementitious overlays, vertical overlays and microtoppings.

Metallic Pigments

Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy
from Versatile Building Products

Achieve gorgeous color shifts and a subtle metallic sparkle with Lava Flow Color Packs for epoxy coatings.

These are just a sampling of the wide variety of colors available from various manufacturers.

Overlay coloring options include:

Concrete Overlay Color Inspiration

Check out these examples to see what's possible with a colored concrete overlay:

Concrete Cosmetics in Crowley, TX

Reflective Metallic Epoxy

For the flooring in Montana State's student union, a richly colored metallic epoxy overlay was used. The project also features a colorful logo created using a stencil.

Colors: 50/50 mix of brass and copper Aurora Epoxy Dust (from McKinnon Materials)

General Coatings Corp. in San Diego, CA

Colorful Restaurant Coating

At a San Diego restaurant and casino, a vibrant flower petal design was created using a textured cement coating.

Colors: SC-36 Fast Stain in light-brown and EC-38 Liquid Dazzle in ruby (from Westcoat)

Life Deck Coating Installations in San Diego, CA

Integrally Colored Overlay

The final layers of this residential floor overlay were integrally colored, then a water-based stain was used to add richness and dimension.

Colors: TC-40 liquid colorant in smoke and SC-35 in onyx (from Westcoat)

Concrete Arts in Hudson, WI

Stained Concrete Microtopping

This game room and bar area features a microtopping colored with layers of acid stain and dye. Warm tones were chosen to provide a cozy atmosphere.

Colors: Acid stain in pine and auburn and dye in cattail brown (from Bomanite)

Hyde Concrete in Pasadena, MD

Integrally Colored Overlay

A gray self-leveling overaly completes the hip industrial-modern look in the shared spaces of this apartment complex.

Colors: Gray integral pigments

Videos About Coloring Overlays

Using Concrete Stains with Overlays

Time: 03:04

Create a Blank Canvas before Coloring a Floor

Time: 02:21

For more pizzazz, you can even seed overlays with decorative aggregates, color chips, or recycled glass.

Electrical Components

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Gold Flakes

Two Tone Overlay

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