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Concrete Sealers

What's the best cleaning method to use for concrete tubs, sinks and countertops that receive daily use?


Concrete counter and tub surfaces can be very porous unless they are sealed. If your concrete isn't sealed, I recommend applying a penetrating sealer. You can also consider a topical membrane sealer, but this will have a sheen and may require more maintenance. (See Concrete Sealer Types.)

As a general rule, pH-neutral cleaners are best for concrete surfaces. If you have hard water, use a scum or hard water deposit remover. Do not use aggressive scrubbing pads or abrasive cleansers. Even with cleaning and sealing, concrete will age and wear like any other surface, but this can actually add character since concrete is a natural material.

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Author Chris Sullivan, technical expert and vice president of sales and marketing for ChemSystems Inc.

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