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Why Maintain Concrete?

In most cases concrete is a durable, long lasting product without maintenance. So it often raises eyebrows when the subject of maintaining concrete is brought up.

Properly maintaining concrete, however, can greatly extend the life of the concrete and the beauty of the concrete: plain concrete can look clean and bright-instead of oil stained and grimy. Decorative Concrete can look the same after years of enjoyment as it did when it was brand new-instead of faded, oil stained, and dirty.

Properly maintaining the concrete protects your investment in concrete, particularly if you've taken the initiative and incurred the expense of pouring decorative concrete.

Maintaining Concrete Information

Keeping it Looking Like New Consists of Four Steps

Cleaning Concrete on a Regular Basis (at least once per year)
To remove normal dirt and grime build up
To remove rust or other stains

Repairing Cracks in Concrete
To maintain a structurally sound surface and minimize water intrusion through cracks-which can cause problems with the sub grade.

Sealing Joints in the Concrete
To minimize water intrusion through the joints
Eliminate dirt collecting in the joints
Eliminate weeds sprouting up through the joints

Sealing the Concrete Surface
Repels water
Dust proofs the surface
Provides resistance to abrasion
Makes the concrete resistance to UV sunlight

For Decorative Concrete
The same steps as above will apply, but we strongly suggest you visit the web site or contact the technical department of the decorative product manufacturer you have chosen.

For instance, if you used a concrete topping or dressing, or a certain brand of colored concrete, or a spray on decorative finish, the technical departments of these companies will have real world experience with what works best for their products.