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Concrete Sealers

The Best Method for Stripping Sealers

During the Q&A session, a popular subject was stripping sealers, specifically what is the best way to go about it and what are the best products on the market to accomplish the task....

Carpet Glue Residue Causes Sealer to Bead Up

The floor came out beautiful, but after it dried I saw a small area of the surface where it looked like the sealer or finish coat did not take. It appears as beaded-up water and does not shine in that area. I would like to correct the problem because it...

Avoiding a Dusty Mess When Removing Release Powder

When cleaning release powder from concrete surfaces after stamping, removing and disposing of the residual powder is always a dusty and dirty mess....

Removing Embedded Oil from Concrete

Do you know of something that will get oil stains out of concrete?

Removing Organic Stains

How do I remove stubborn stains from decorative concrete prior to sealing?

How to Remove Moss Growth

I have concrete pavers and bricks in my backyard. The problem is I am getting moss growth on them. I power washed the moss away last year, but it's back again this year. Do you know what's causing this to happen?

Cleaning Concrete Countertops, Tubs & Sinks

What's the best cleaning method to use for concrete tubs, sinks and countertops that receive daily use?

Clean Concrete that has Glue & Mastic Stains

I used Bean-e-doo (a soy-based mastic remover) to remove carpet mastic from a concrete floor in my home. The mastic remover has left an oil/grease stain pattern all over the floor. What product is best to remove the stains?

Dealing with Mold on Concrete

I live in northeastern New Jersey, and in June we had weeks of rain and humid conditions. Some areas of my concrete driveway developed black spots, and other areas under pine trees have turned green. What is this stuff, and how do I remove it?

Removing Leaf Stains from Concrete

What's the best method for removing leaf and pine cone stains from concrete?

Removing Fertilizer Stains on Concrete

I have a concrete patio and used a plant food called Bloom Booster. It stained the concrete. What can I do?

Protecting a Concrete Surface from Contamination by Other Trades

What is the best way to prevent stains from construction-related activities on a newly poured slab intended to be an exposed concrete finish (other than hounding the GC to be tidy)?

Insulating Foam Stains on Concrete

How do we remove residue from spray foam insulation that dropped on concrete from the ceiling above so we can stain the concrete?

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