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Acid-Etched Concrete - Re-Staining Your Concrete

I applied a concrete stain to a large 8-year-old concrete patio in Reno, Nevada-an area subject to somewhat extreme temperature variations.

Stain Color - Dealing with Faded Color

We applied an acid stain in a dark walnut color to a lanai.

Fixing Concrete Stain Penetration Problems

I recently stained a 5-year-old concrete floor. The owner of the building had rubber mats down on the floor near the front entrance for 4 years. After staining, I noticed the stain was significantly lighter in color in exactly the same spot where the rubber mats had been. What caused this, and how can it be fixed?

Acid Stain Spots - Touching Up Problem Spots

How do I fix areas on acid stained floors where the color has worn away? I also need advice on touching up spots that did not take the stain at all. I tried spot staining them and it only made them look bleached. The floors have not been sealed, only waxed.

Acid Stain Reaction - Will Bond Breaker Inhibit Reaction

We have a project where the owner would like to install a stained concrete floor in the lobby of an office. Tilt-up wall panels will be cast on the floor slab, and the contractor is concerned the bond breaker will inhibit stain reaction. Can you please review and give recommendations?

Acid Staining Basics

I install a lot of driveways and patios, and some of my new customers are asking for stained concrete. I've never tried applying acid stains. What are the basic steps, and how can I avoid problems?

What is a True Concrete Stain?

There are so many products on the market these days labeled as concrete stains. How do you know you are getting a true acid-based stain?

Quick Fix for Blemished Acid Stained Floors

We tried using acetone to clean up a small area of water-based acrylic sealer that remained white after application to a stained overlay.

Stained Concrete - How to Remove Footprints

How do you get rid of footprints in a stained concrete floor?

Dealing with Lignite in Concrete Prior to Staining

Dealing with Lignite in Concrete Prior to Staining

Staining Concrete Overlays - When to Stain a Thin Overlay

How long do you need to wait before staining a thin micro topping type product?

Blending Acid Stain Colors

What is the best way to apply two colors of acid stain? Does it matter whether the light or dark color is applied first?

Why Does Stain Wash Away?

I applied a dark brown acid stain to six-month-old concrete yesterday. When I came back today to neutralize the stain, it all washed off. What can I do to get the stain to take?

Exterior Staining when Rain is Forecast

I acid stained a driveway today and plan to return tomorrow to clean and neutralize the surface. We are expecting rain tonight. Do I need to cover the driveway with plastic or do anything to protect the surface because of the rain?

Avoiding Acid Burn

What causes the permanent droplet and pour marks when acid stain first hits a concrete surface, and how do I avoid them?

Do Admixtures Inhibit Stain Color?

We seem to be experiencing more and more concrete slabs that are not taking acid stains, even when we grind them first with a #150-grit diamond disc....

Is It OK to Use an Acid Wash Before Staining?

I get very different answers on how to properly prepare a power-troweled concrete surface for application of acid stains. Some people say never to use an acid wash to open the pores for staining and others say it's OK to use an acid wash of 10 parts water to one part acid. Who's right?

Applying Acid Stain to Concrete Pool Walls

Can acid stain be applied to existing concrete pool walls to add color? How will it hold up underwater?

Concrete Patch Staining - How to Fix Color Variations

I recently patched some minor cracks in a concrete floor and now I want to stain the entire floor. Will the repaired areas absorb the stain like the rest of the floor? I want the color to be uniform.

Concrete Stain Overapplication Issues

After a couple of months, the stain and sealer began flaking off and scratching away under chair legs. What factors would contribute to the failure of the finish, even after reapplication?

Hole in a Stained Concrete Floor

I have a 2x2-foot hole in the middle of my beautiful stained and scored concrete living room floor caused by jack hammering to repair a water leak under the foundation. Any Suggestions?

Primers & Paints Kill Stain Penetration

We cleaned spots of KILZ brand primer off our concrete and then stained the floor. The spots didn't take the stain. Can you explain why?

Drawbacks to Acid Staining Green Concrete

What is the drawback of acid staining a residential concrete floor the day after the concrete is placed, rather than waiting the suggested 28 days? Is this recommended waiting time the same for both acid and water-based stains?

Removing Grease Contamination on a Stained Floor

We have stained concrete floors, which were in the house when we bought it. The kitchen floor has many stains from grease. We’ve tried everything to remove them. Please help!

Staining Integrally Colored Concrete

Can I acid stain concrete that already has integral pigment in it?

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