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It makes sense. The evolution of concrete products, particularly concrete furniture, is occurring because a variety of differentdisciplines have taken up working with concrete as their media. Many of the thought processes from other disciplines are beingcreatively transplanted into fabulous concrete works.

Cheng Design in Berkeley, CA Buddy Rhodes in San Francisco

Here are a few notable concrete artisans, with varying backgrounds, who have made a significant contribution to designing with concrete:

  • Buddy Rhodes of Buddy Rhodes Studio was a former ceramist.
  • Wanda Ellerbeck of Grotto Designs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a renowned sculptor and Master of Fine Arts.
  • Michael Bustin of Meld USA has degrees in physics and engineering and has also spent six years as a senior project manager for a commercial construction company.
  • DEX Studios consists of talented artists and designers that share a common goal and passion.
  • Elemental Surfaces Rick Parks and Lilian Myers share a background in the technology and construction industries.

As more artists, crafts people, and designers work with concrete—the possibilities are growing exponentially.