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Ask just about any homeowner what they wish their house had more of, and the answer would be storage space. However, few people would think of concrete as being the perfect solution. That’s too bad because concrete has a number of qualities that make it a great alternative for storing your overflow, including everything from books and important documents to toiletries and wine bottles. Its thermal properties provide good temperature control, it resists mold and mildew, it’s weather resistant, and it can be custom molded and sized to accommodate all your storage needs. You can include built-in storage in concrete bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds and concrete furniture, or you can take advantage of the decorative qualities of concrete and make storage units that double as artistic focal points. For ideas on using concrete to control the clutter around your home, see these five clever concrete storage solutions.

Desk Drawers

This all-concrete desk was designed with document storage in mind, featuring built-in drawers for file folders. The drawers are faced with glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels and have custom-made pewter drawer pulls.

Towel Storage

Built-in drawers and shelving in a concrete bathroom vanity provide extra storage for towels and toiletry products. The wood drawers were built right into the concrete apron and then faced with a concrete caps so they are nearly invisible when closed.

Wine Holders

With natural thermal properties that help keep wine at the proper temperature, concrete is ideal for storing wine bottles. Your options range from these colorful, stackable wine cubbies, made of precast concrete blocks with cylindrical holes cast through the middle, to precast concrete wine cellars in units that can store more than a thousand bottles of wine.


These unusual circular bookshelves are made of precast concrete rings, normally used for building underwater tanks, that were bolted together and then fitted with stained plywood boards for shelving. See more creative bookshelves made of concrete.


This custom concrete fireplace incorporates a variety of unique nooks and functional features, including a shelf with kindling, a match holder, firewood storage, and hearth seating. You can also incorporate wood storage in outdoor concrete fireplaces, as shown here.

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