GFRC Mixes in USA and Worldwide

SureCrete Design
Easy to use All-In-One GFRC face and backer casting blends that are pre-mesured. No more worrying about formulas and ratios, just mix, pour, spray. Available in bright and vibrant colors.

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GFRC Face and Backer Mixes

Complete supplier of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) materials & tools: hopper guns, mixers, polymers, glass fibers & more. Lowest price guaranteed. Training classes for countertops too.

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GFRC Materials & Tools

CHENG Concrete
NeoMix D-FRC is designed to shorten the learning curve for contractors, speed curing to 12-hours, improves flexural strength & abrasion resistance when building wall panels, countertops, fire features & more.

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GFRC Supplies

Blue Concrete
Create your own professional GFRC or casting mix for casting countertops, fireplace surrounds, furniture, panels & more. We can help you create a mix for your company customized for your needs & local area.

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Vibrant Color Pigments

Get More Information: Read more about GFRC mixes on The Concrete Network. You’ll find information about the benefits of GFRC, where GFRC mixes are best used, materials for making GFRC mixes, and more.

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