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More and more homeowners are using concrete garden walls instead of wooden fences to add privacy and block noise. Unlike wood, concrete doesn’t warp or rot, it requires little maintenance, and it will withstand fire and strong winds. Beyond these practical reasons, concrete walls appeal to homeowners because of the numerous design options possible. You can add pattern and texture, incorporate landscaping plants or custom artwork, and even pour alternating layers of colored concrete. Below are six examples of how to bring your concrete garden walls to life.

Add Plants and Metalwork

Custom ironwork and built-in planters accentuate these curved concrete walls, which were used to create a beautiful terraced garden. Texture was added to the walls using an Italian slate stamp pattern, and then the walls were stained. The concrete walkways, steps and patio areas were also stained to match the walls. See more photos of this concrete gardenscape.

Mimic the Texture of Rough-Sawn Wood

Although there are an assortment of form liners available for concrete walls, the rustic look of rough-sawn wood is making a comeback, especially as a natural-looking finish texture for garden walls. Learn more about board-formed concrete.

Hang Vertical Planters

Even if your garden walls aren't made of concrete, you can enhance them with hanging concrete planters to create living wall art. Instead of boxy wood planters, concrete planters can be cast in a variety of organic shapes that blend beautifully with natural plant life. See more examples of interesting concrete planters.

Customize with a Mural

Florida artist Carlos Delgado often uses concrete as a canvas for his remarkable wall murals, using various types of stains and dyes to achieve his vision. Here are more photos of his work.

Apply a Textured Overlay

This garden wall received an overlay application using a vertical concrete mix that was stamped, hand carved and stained. The cap was cast in place and given a seamless bluestone texture.

Embed Boulders

Small boulders found on site were set into this concrete retaining wall. The wall has a freeform design with the stones randomly placed in keeping with the design intent. Smaller river rocks and glass aggregates were also embedded in the wall. Learn more about how decorative aggregate and stone were used to transform this wall.

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