5 Feet from the Moon in Santa Cruz, CA

Concrete has been used for ages in vertical applications such as walls, for new homes, to recreate the look of stone, and other vertical wall coverings. Through the creativity of Katrina King at 5 Feet from the Moon Studios, concrete is being used for planted wall art. Used indoors or out, these concrete planters are perfect for incorporating an authentic material with plant life. This organic look can be created in artful arrangements for a living wall art piece. Check them out here.

Other Interesting Wall Planters:

For those hard to grow spaces, Woolly Pockets offers vertical garden planters that can be used just about anywhere. They are popular for interior spaces, store fronts, restaurant patios, as window boxes, and more. Made of felt from recycled plastic bottles, the organic-looking containers keep moisture away from floors and walls.

This Living Wall Planter can be used just about anywhere there is sunlight available. Great for kitchen gardens or in entryways or balconies, this planter offers a built-in water reservoir tray and water collection tray. Read more about it here.

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