If you plan to update a bathroom with a new concrete vanity or bathtub, why not install a concrete shower as well? Not only are concrete shower walls and floors practical and easy to clean, with no grout joints where ugly mold and mildew can grow, they also permit unlimited design options. They can be stenciled to look like tile or colored with stains to create an artistic wall mural. You can add integral pigments to make the concrete look like as white as porcelain or as black as granite.

An existing tile shower can also be resurfaced with a concrete overlay to save money and the time and hassle of tile removal. If you’re worried about the concrete absorbing moisture, all it takes is the application of a waterproofing sealer to make your shower walls completely waterproof.

Check out the projects showcased here for ideas on designing a concrete shower for your own bathroom that will inspire you to break into song. And find local concrete contractors that can create your custom shower.

Everlast Concrete, Inc in Steger, IL

Multicolored Wall Mural

This concrete shower wall doubles as a work of art. It was resurfaced with a trowel-applied microtopping and then tinted with chemical stains to create a colorful mosaic.

Craftsmanship Workshop in Mission Viejo, CA

Seamless Bathroom Makeover

A concrete wall and floor overlay was hand applied right over this old tile shower to give it a completely grout-free decorative surface. The overlay, which is stained to look like travertine, was also applied to the tub surround and bathroom floor to tie the look together.

Artistic Walls in Ventura, IA

Faux-Tile Floor

This homeowner “tiled” her shower floor with a stenciled concrete overlay in a Celtic knot pattern, layering mixtures of forest fern, yellow and olive. The slight raised elements from the design also help to make the floor slip resistant. To complete the effect, the same stencil design was applied to the bathroom’s concrete vanity.

Concrete -N- Counters in Lutz, FL

Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Designed to soothe both body and spirit, this master bath features concrete vanity tops, a concrete tub surround, and concrete shower walls, all integrally colored an elegant bone white. The floor is concrete as well, trowel applied over a wood subfloor and sloped to eliminate a curb around the concrete shower pan, which was cast in place to match the floor. The shower walls and ceiling are precast 1-inch-thick polished concrete panels.


Showers Fit for a King

The Castle Bed & Breakfast in Temecula, Calif., used concrete walls, floors, and even ceilings to create different themes for each of its guest rooms. The showers in each room feature hand-carved vertical concrete in a variety of random stone patterns, such as this slate-look shower in the Medieval Room. See the concrete showers in the other rooms of this inn.

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Slate Tile Pattern Handcarved on Bathroom Walls

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