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Ron Skead, owner of Allcrete Design in Keswick, Ontario was called into a home where the owners were tired of water splashing onto the drywall in their powder room. They wanted to install slate tile on the walls but the cost was too high.

"After seeing our ad they called us in for a quote," says Skead. "We were able to give a better quote by $1600.00. This in itself had them very excited. We were awarded the project. They liked the fact they could have their own custom color and not an off-the-shelf pre-selected color."

"We proceeded with the stone finish overlay which is made by Flex-C-Ment," explains Skead. "This product is amazing for realism." Skead installed the overlay over the existing drywall, textured the overlay into a medium stone finish and then handcarved the pattern. "We used 12" squares and 6" squares patterned together," he says. "Then we finished with the color of their choice and sealed the overlay. The customers were very pleased with the finished project and actually gave us a bonus too!" he exclaims.

Allcrete Design
Ontario, Canada

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