Ryan Brayak, owner of Rock Elements in Escanaba, Michigan, is determined to redefine uses of concrete. His most recent development is 3/4-inch-thick concrete wall panels. According to Brayak, "They have the same amount of possibilities as concrete countertops. They are only 3/4 of an inch thick, and I can make them in any color or colors and many textures."

Brayak has created systems for hanging the concrete wall panels, which he says can help divide space. "For example, say you have a large open space and you want to make a small hallway for people to walk down without disturbing people in the other large space. You take these wall panels and they utilize a suspension system which can create a wall," explains Brayak. Panels are finished on both sides to create an appealing divider.

Brayak has completed three installations of the panels this past winter, adding, "So far I have used them for showers but I can apply them to any wall in the house. [They are] an alternative to drywall or another interior finish."

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