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Whether you want to overlay horizontal or vertical concrete surfaces, indoors or out, Smith Paint’s 4-in-1 overlay mix can do it all. The single-component dry mix comes ready-to-use in 50-pound bags and is simply mixed onsite with water at the desired ratio, depending on your choice of application method. You can apply the product as a stamped overlay, spray texture, or hand-troweled horizontal or vertical surface. A high level of polymer modification allows you to adjust the water-to-mix ratio to accommodate the application method, specific substrate, weather conditions and other jobsite variables.

Smith Paint’s 4-in-1 overlay mix can be used on outdoor surfaces. Photos courtesy of Artistic Polymers Inc.

“Smith’s 4-in-1 formulation has a custom blend of components, giving it superior workability, bond strength, impact resistance and wear life,” says Chuck Brunner Jr. of Smith Paints. The overlay can be applied directly over properly prepared substrates. The high bond strength eliminates the need for a separate bond coat.

Product ApplicationsThe potential uses for Smith’s 4-in-1 are broad, ranging from driveways to residential flooring and walls to countertops. The overlay also has heat-reduction characteristics, making it ideal for pool decks and patios. “A unique blend of aggregate components reduce the density of the installed material as compared to concrete, which reduces the heat retention on the surface,” says Brunner.

Smith’s overlay mix can also be used indoors and on vertical surfaces. Photos courtesy of Artistic Polymers Inc.

Color can be added either integrally or topically. Photo courtesy of Artistic Polymers Inc.

A multitude of decorative effects are also possible, including stamped patterns, textured wall surfaces, and integral or topically applied color. Smith offers 16 colors of dry pigment that can be added directly to the mix. Or the overlay can be colored after placement with Smith’s Color Floor and Color Wall water-based stains, acid stains, water- or solvent-based dyes, and acrylic paints.

After the overlay is applied, it can be stamped soon after then stained or sealed 12 hours later. Brunner recommends sealing the overlay with Smith’s Royal Seal, Smith’s Polyurethane, a water- or solvent-based polyurethane. However, the sealer choice can be modified to accommodate specific project requirements.

The coverage rate for one bag of Smith’s 4-in-1 mix ranges from 20 to 30 square feet for a ¼- to ½-inch stamp coat to 125 to 150 square feet for a spray-on texture. Simply combine the dry mix and the appropriate amount of water in a 5-gallon pail and blend with a drill fitted with a ½-inch mortar mixing paddle.

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