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Polishing an existing concrete floor to a uniform finish can be a real challenge, especially if the floor has flaws or other inconsistencies. That’s why Jim Harvey, owner of Harvey Construction, Snohomish, Wash., developed Deco-Pour, a self-leveling, portland-cement-based concrete overlay that can be diamond polished to achieve a consistent and seamless floor. What’s more, the overlay can be integrally colored and embellished with colored aggregate, glass or marble to achieve a wide range of decorative effects, including terrazzo floors.

A Deco-Pour polished overlay gave the concrete floor in the Port of Everett building, Gardner Bay, Wash., a much-needed facelift. A Deco-Pour overlay in the Swedish Medical Center, Issaquah, Wash.

“Deco-Pour is the only product that meets the ASTM C 150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement because it contains 80% portland cement. Due to this factor, we believe it is the only densifiable overlay on the market,” says Harvey.

Deco-Pour is preblended and packaged in 50-pound bags, with the integral color and fine aggregate added to the mix to ensure consistent aggregate exposure and no noticeable color drift. On the jobsite, Deco-Pour is mixed with water and becomes a free-flowing material that can easily be applied with a gauged spreader to achieve a flat, smooth surface. It‘s suitable for both interior or exterior concrete slabs and can be applied in thicknesses from 1/8 to 1 ½ inches. The material can also be applied to stairs and risers to produce a seamless transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces.

A brass inlay of the Port of Everett logo was inset in the overlay. Deco-Pour was also used on the stair treads and risers to create a seamless transition. A close-up of Deco-Pour, embellished with decorative aggregate.

Decorative optionsThe Deco-Pour mix is available in gray, white or integral colors. “The customer has the ability to select from any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint fan deck for integral color,” says Harvey. “Consistency is ensured from our batch plant, and when a color is selected we always ensure that a sample matches the original that was chosen.”

The Deco-Pour system also includes an optional tint kit (containing black, yellow, red and white), so applicators can adjust the shading in the field to create their own custom color palette. To create custom graphics, the finished overlay can be topically colored with concrete stains and dyes, including Deco-Pour’s own line of water-based dyes for polished concrete.

Unlike when polishing existing concrete floors, Deco-Pour also gives installers the ability to inset brass logos, phrases, names and graphics in the overlay.

SustainabilityDeco-Pour offers a number of environmental benefits as well:

  • It can be produced with up to 70% recycled content, which helps architects and designers earn points for LEED credit on their projects.
  • Recycled aggregates or glass can be added to the mix, if desired.
  • When using Deco-Pour, the building owner can salvage a deteriorating or poorly finished concrete floor rather than replacing it or installing a floor covering.
  • The overlay also makes floors eligible for LEED credits for the use of post-consumer waste, zero VOC content, regional manufacturing, high light reflectivity, and low maintenance requirements.

To maintain quality control, only certified installers are able to purchase Deco-Pour, says Harvey. These installers are trained in the specific finishing and polishing methods required to obtain optimum results.

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