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Brickform SM Professional Grade is an acrylic-modified cementitious overlay that can be applied by trowel or sprayer, depending on the desired finish. Simply mix a 60-pound bag with a 5-gallon container of liquid polymer before applying. One bag covers 150 to 200 square feet.

Brickform SM Professional Grade might be one of the most versatile overlays on the market, allowing you to achieve the look of brick, stone, tile or other unique finishes with just one product. The acrylic-modified, cementitious overlay can be installed by trowel as a rough-grade microtopping or applied by spray as a cementitious overlay with a spray texture or knock-down finish. You can also install it with a trowel or squeegee and then stamp or tool it to create various brick or stone patterns.

When installed with a trowel or squeegee, Brickform SM Professional Grade overlays can be stamped or tooled in any pattern desired. They can also be topically colored with acid or water-based stains and dyes.

Coloring options abound as well. The overlay mix can be integrally colored using Brickform’s Overlay Liquid Colorant, or the overlay can be topically stained with Blush Tone Acid Stain, E-Stain, or ARTesian water-based stain.

How to applyPackaged in 60-pound bags, Brickform SM Professional Grade is mixed with a liquid polymer component before applying. Texture coats can be trowel or spray applied at a rate of 150 to 200 square feet per bag. Initial coats should be applied at thicknesses no greater than 3/16 inch, while additional coats can be applied at a ½- inch thickness. You can color topically color the overlay with acid or water-based stains or dyes after it has cured for 24 hours. Once sealed, protect the surface from foot traffic for 24 hours and vehicle traffic for 5 days.

Where to useBrickform SM Professional Grade can be used to resurface both interior and exterior concrete. It can also be used as a base coat for microtoppings. For outdoor applications, the overlay should be sealed to resist water intrusion and premature surface degradation.

For more informationBrickform, Rialto, Calf.
Phone: 800-483-9628

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