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A high-quality overlay installed by an experienced applicator can provide a new surface that will last for decades, especially when protected by a good-quality sealer. A sealer not only makes the surface easier to clean, it offers other benefits as well, such as enriching the color intensity of the overlay, blocking the penetration of stains, and improving water repellency and abrasion resistance. Some sealers will also give the surface a sheen, ranging from satin to high gloss depending on the product used.

Routine MaintenanceHowever, even sealed overlays will require some routine maintenance, depending on exposure conditions and the type and amount of traffic they receive. For interior floors, wet mopping or dry dust mopping is typically the only upkeep needed to avoid the buildup of abrasive dirt particles. Exterior flatwork may require occasional pressure washing or scrubbing with a mild detergent.

Special Care RequirementsSome overlay manufacturers recommend resealing outdoor surfaces annually, depending on the amount of traffic they receive and whether they are exposed to freeze-thaw conditions. Be sure to check with the overlay installer or manufacturer for recommendations as to the appropriate sealer to use for a particular application and to verify compatibility with the overlay. Not all sealers are suitable for exterior use.

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