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Introducing an effective new way to restore color intensity to concrete! Scofield® Revive™ Color Refresher was developed to improve the appearance of existing, unsealed exterior colored or uncolored concrete surfaces in need of refurbishment or renovation. It adds a measured amount of color to the concrete without producing a paint-like appearance. Revive Color Refresher penetrates and reacts with the concrete so no film is formed - Revive Color Refresher's colors become part of the surface. The resulting look approximates the appearance of newly placed concrete.

Scofield Revive Color Refresher is ideal for companies both large and small who want to bring faded concrete color back up to that "new" look, or bring consistency to mismatched color. Every ready-mix producer who has a liquid color machine, or anyone who has ever touched concrete and had a less than perfect result can benefit from Revive Color Refresher.

Scofield Revive Color Refresher is formulated for easy installation on horizontal concrete surfaces using hand-pump sprayers or rollers. Revive Color Refresher is available to approximate all colors depicted on Scofield's color chart A-312 CHROMIX® Admixtures for Color-Conditioned® Concrete.

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