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Standard Kitchen Counter Heights
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When designing an outdoor kitchen, it's important to know the industry standard heights for comfortable dining at a table, for working at a countertop, or for sitting at a bar.
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  • Countertop standard height is 36" tall. At times it is necessary to raise heights to 38"to accommodate a fridge. Comfortable range for most is 36-38". Always design your counters lower than the distance of your client's bent elbow to the ground.
  • Bar serve counter height varies from 42"-46" tall. If you plan to use bar stools, select them ahead of time and let the height of the seat dictate your final bar counter height.
  • Bar stools are typically 28" tall, but there is much variance depending on styling and manufacturer.
  • Cantilever a minimum of 10 inches to allow room for knees on any type of counter.
  • Tabletop height standard is 30 inches tall.