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While concrete is not the only option for outdoor kitchen countertops, it is a favorite for a variety of reasons.

Granite Tile Concrete
Fewer grout lines Concrete counters do not have the many grout lines that tile counters are plagued with. The lack of grout lines makes concrete counters easier to seal and keep clean than tile. No Yes No
Endless edge details There are many Styrofoam forms that are inexpensive and easy to use to create a wide variety of different concrete countertop edge details. Granite edge details get expensive when thicker than 1 inch. No No Yes
Cast in any shape Concrete can be cast in any shape and practically any size No No Yes
Weather resistant Concrete countertops can be formulated to withstand freezing better than granite. Good Good Excellent
Color choices Coloring options with concrete are nearly endless with integral color, staining, or both. Yes Yes unlimited
Accepts embeds Concrete countertops can be personalized with unique embedded items such as pebbles, recycled glass and seashells. No No Yes

Cast Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Countertops
Time: 01:02
Watch Scott Cohen describe the process of creating cast concrete countertops.

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