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Fixing Cracks in Stamped Concrete

How do I deal with small cracks and fractures that occur along the edges and corners of the stone imprints in some of my stamped concrete work?

Eliminating Ridges in Stamped Concrete Seams

When we are stamping, we sometimes end up with a lot of crusting that we try to roll out or hammer away the next day.

Removing Rough Spots after Stamped Concrete Cures

How can a pool deck be smoothed so it can be walked on comfortably?

Adding Color to a Liquid Release

Can I tint a clear liquid release agent to add color when stamping concrete? If so, how is it done?

Stamped Concrete Driveway Scaling Problems

My 3 ½-year-old stamped concrete driveway is scaling and much of the design is flaking off. How do I identify the cause for this? I live in eastern Pennsylvania, and we've had typical winter weather.

Causes of Efflorescence on Stamped Overlay

A few days after placing a stamped overlay, I noticed that the overlay was covered with efflorescence. The picture shows two small samples of the overlay taken from material left in the mixing bucket.

The Mystery of the Sticky Gray Ooze

Why did this stamped overlay crack, and what is the sticky gray material oozing from the crack?

Stamp Overlay Failure

What caused this stamped overlay on a patio to fail?

Stamped Concrete DIY

Is stamping concrete a do-it-yourself project? Read about four reasons why stamping concrete should not be done by the weekend warrior DIY'er.

Shrinkage Cracking on Stamped Concrete

I have a recently poured stamped concrete pool deck that shows hairline cracks all over the surface when it becomes wet. Is this a sign of a poorly sealed surface?

Shrinkage Cracking and Spalling on Stamped Concrete

A gray-colored stamped concrete driveway was poured for a front entrance to a motel. The driveway is exposed to a cold climate and developed etching, cracking, and minor spalling within a year. No deicing salts were used. What could be the causes?

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