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Video: Concrete Fresno
Time: 03:13
Watch Bob Harris demonstrate the use of a fresno.

Standard Bracket Fresno Wagman Metal Products

Purpose: Fresno trowels are designed to attach to long extension handles so finishers don't have to walk out on the slab. They permit rapid work over large areas, such as driveways, but do not achieve the same degree of compaction possible with hand trowels. However, that can be an advantage when you must trowel slabs early for decorative work because you can create a smooth finish without premature sealing of the surface.

What's available: Like hand trowels, fresnos are available in blue, stainless, or high-carbon steel and with rounded or square ends. But they come in longer lengths than hand trowels, ranging from 2 to 4 feet.

Buying tips:

  • You can purchase fresnos with or without brackets for handle attachment. For easier maneuvering, some manufacturers offer swivel brackets that rotate 360 degrees so you can work at any angle, or easy-tilt brackets that eliminate bending and lifting.

  • If you want to cut shallow safety grooves in flatwork surfaces, some tool manufacturers offer fresnos with evenly spaced V-shaped blades that cut shallow grooves 1/4-inch deep.

Average costs: Expect to pay $35 to $50 for a 3-foot fresno (without bracket).

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