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Decorative concrete floors are often considered works of art, and like any artisan, concrete flooring contractors need the right set of tools to bring their vision to life. The assortment of tools featured here are must-haves for many decorative flooring contractors. Some help them achieve special decorative effects not possible by manual methods; others help them save time and work more efficiently. If your equipment inventory doesn’t include one of these tools of the trade, the investment to purchase it will be money well spent.

1. Floor edger

With the compact walk-behind edger from Terrco, you can now grind concrete floors along wall edges and in other tight spots in a comfortable upright position and in much less time than doing the work by hand. The machine is especially advantageous on large projects entailing a lot of edging work. Learn more about the Terrco edger.

2. Handheld engraving tools

The Dremel from Robert Bosch Tool and the Wasp concrete engraving tool from Engrave-A-Crete will turn you into a graphic artist by enabling you to make detailed sawcuts and patterns in concrete surfaces. The Dremel uses thin diamond-tipped drill bits and works well for creating free-form graphics, finishing sawcuts near walls, or touching up patterns. The Wasp is an air-powered engraving tool used to create detailed designs in concrete. Watch a video showing both tools in action.

3. Mongoose concrete saw

Using the Mongoose concrete saw from Engrave-A-Crete, you can quickly cut straight lines as well as an array of patterns in concrete floors, including tile designs, perfect circles, arcs and diamond shapes. The blades come in a variety of widths, allowing you to customize the thickness of the sawcut. Watch this video for tips on using the Mongoose.

4. Hand-held grinders and blades

The concrete grinder, combined with a variety of blades, is like an artist's brush for decorative concrete contractors. When used properly, you can create a wide variety of freehand designs and intricate patterns. See the many applications for these tools.

5. Gauge rake and smoothing paddles

If you work with concrete overlays, you shouldn’t be without a gauge rake and smoothing paddle. The gauge rake helps lay down a cementitious material at a uniform thickness while the smoothing paddle is used to smooth out the overlay's surface to achieve a flawless finish.
Learn more about gauge rakes & smoothing paddles.

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