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With many people working from home and practicing social distancing, you may have begun to notice those little nagging problems around the house. This is a great time to take care of some of those projects.

Here are some ways to tackle your home’s unaddressed maintenance:

Salzano Custom Concrete – Aldie, VA

Resurface an ugly patio

Breathe new life into your patio by resurfacing your concrete and creating a whole new look.

Fix the cracks in your concrete

Cracks can be repaired as a DIY project, or most effectively by a professional concrete contractor.

Decorative Concrete Institute - Temple, GA

Seal your concrete surface

Having your concrete properly sealed will help ensure you enjoy your surface for years to come.

Concrete Studio - Dallas, TX

Add color with stain

Make your old concrete pop by bringing in new colors with stains.

Concrete Arts – Hudson, WI

Create a whole new look with concrete overlays

Permanently cover imperfections in your concrete and apply decorative finishes to reinvent your style.

Surface Koatings, Inc - Portland, TN

Clean your concrete

Refresh your concrete by giving it a power wash or using special cleaning solutions.

Fix your discolored concrete

Revitalize concrete that's faded or has uneven color.

Repair your foundation

Make your home as strong as ever, by addressing foundation cracks or settlement.

Modal Design - Los Angeles, CA

Solve patio drainage problems

Don’t let water pool on your concrete, try these solutions that allow for proper drainage.

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