Easy to maintain and naturally skid-resistant, exposed aggregate is an ideal decorative treatment for concrete driveways. Portland Cement Association

With an exposed aggregate finish, you can achieve spectacular effects at a reasonable cost because few additional materials (other than the decorative aggregate) and tools (beyond basic finishing tools) are required. Here are some other notable advantages of exposed aggregate finishes:

  • The basic procedures are simple enough for experienced finishers to master easily.
  • The surface is rugged, nonskid, and resistant to heavy traffic and weather extremes.
  • Many types and sizes of decorative aggregate are available to achieve unlimited color and texture variations.
  • Exposed aggregate is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with plain concrete or other decorative treatments such as stamping, stenciling, staining, and integral coloring.
  • Little maintenance is required, other than sealing and occasional cleaning.

Video: Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Time: 01:15
Learn about the variety of finishes that can be achieved using exposed aggregate.

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