Surface Retarders in USA and Worldwide

Expo-Rock gives a clean, professional, even look to exposed aggregate finishes. The concentrated retarder keeps mortar from sticking to the aggregate. It allows even removal of mortar from the slab surface.
Make exposed aggregate finishes easier and more consistent. Ten predetermined color-coded exposure depths are available to provide consistent, repeatable cement paste removal and aggregate reveal.
Stepstone Inc
Stepstone, Inc's Retarder Paper helps create exposed aggregate surfaces in precast. Work with 5/8" aggregate (or smaller). Depending upon the wetness of your mix the depth of etch is 3/16". Strip and wash within 24-hours of casting. Test our paper. Request FREE SAMPLES.

Get more information about Surface Retarders for exposed aggregate on The Concrete Network. You’ll also find tips for using surface retarders to expose the aggregate on concrete driveways, pool decks, and patios, along with other resources.

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