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In our fast-paced, high-tech world, nothing seems to stick around for long, including design trends. Although they may not be as fleeting as the latest iteration of the iPhone, trends in colors, finishes and materials do shift from year to year, sometimes subtly and sometimes by leaps and bounds. Decorative concrete contractors are constantly adapting to these trends by taking fresh approaches to their work. Some take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, while others follow a traditional path but explore new twists and turns. Based on the most recent projects we've featured on, we're predicting a number of trend-setting looks for concrete in 2014. We hope they spark your imagination and embolden you to try something daring.

Black Is the New Gray

Browns and tans still rule as the most popular colors for concrete, but the margin is narrowing. We’re seeing an upsurge in the use of black and charcoal gray for everything from concrete floors to patios to countertops. On concrete, black stains take on rich semi-transparent tones, especially when coated with a high-gloss sealer.

See these examples: Concrete Floor Comes Alive with Stain & Dye | Beautiful Chemistry | Metallic Concrete Floor Coatings Adds Dazzle | When Only a True Black Acid Stain Will Do | Black Concrete Countertops

Homeowners Take a Shine to Polishing

If black is the new gray, then polishing is the new floor finish. Though popular for years in commercial applications, polished concrete floors are now beginning to appeal to homeowners who want a finish that’s easy to maintain, bright and light reflective, and can be dyed virtually any color. Polishing also is an ideal solution for restoring existing concrete.

See these examples: Flooring 'Mess' Is Fixed by Polishing | Smoothing Out the Rough Spots | Polished Concrete Overlay Offers a Seamless Solution

Contractors Get More Artistic

Instead of simply staining a concrete floor, more contractors are enhancing their decorative floors with hand-applied motifs to give their customers a one-of-a-kind look tailored to their décor. Sometimes a simple design element can turn an ordinary stained concrete floor into a work of art, as is the case with this floor featuring a hand-scored vine pattern. Custom stenciling is also growing in popularity, especially in commercial applications. On this project, more than 117 stencils were used on a restaurant floor to create a dramatic swirled pattern.

Concrete Goes High-Tech

Although it’s an age-old material, concrete can be readily adapted to incorporate the latest technology. See these innovative examples of how it can be used with LED mood lighting for an outdoor pool and to display high-tech multimedia equipment in a boardroom.

See these examples: Concrete Pool Comes Alive After Dark | Concrete Conference Table Goes High-Tech

Contractors Turn on the Waterworks

People love the sight and sound of cascading water, so contractors are coming up with ingenious ways to turn pool deck walls, bathtubs and even outdoor concrete benches into mini waterfalls.

See how:
Infinity-Edge Tub Creates an Indoor Waterfall
Concrete Pool Deck Makes a Big Splash
Concrete Bench and Waterfall In One

Demand Grows for Custom Concrete Furniture

Once considered an oddity, furniture made of concrete is now the latest fad in both outdoor and indoor décor. Concrete furniture is growing in popularity because it can be tailor-made to meet specific size, style and finish requirements, such as the unique examples shown here:

The Ultimate Lounge Chair
Custom Concrete Tables Enhance Outdoor Décor
Concrete Table Mimics Reclaimed Wood