It’s often said that Houston has three seasons: July, then August, followed by summer. Like much of Texas, Houston is known for its scorching hot weather, which can last for months on end without a break.

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That’s why a growing number of Houston homeowners are beating the heat by installing concrete driveways and other exterior pavements. Because of their light color, concrete driveways stay cooler and absorb less heat than their asphalt counterparts, which can exceed temperatures of 150 F on a sunny 95 F day, becoming sticky and way too hot for bare feet.

Decorative concrete driveways also look great with Houston’s wide array of architectural styles, which range from modern mansions to ranch houses and Craftsmen-style bungalows. Thanks to its ability to be stamped, stained, and colored, concrete can be customized to complement nearly any home exterior.

For design ideas, check out these Houston concrete driveway projects:

Exquisite Concrete Designs in College Station, TX

Add Bands of Color

A simple way to add decorative interest to a concrete driveway is to use borders and bands in contrasting colors. This elegant driveway features a brown-on-brown color scheme, with a lighter brown stain enhanced by darker bands of brown stain along the joints.

(Contractor: Exquisite Concrete Designs)

SUNDEK of Houston in Houston, TX

Transform It with an Overlay

A decorative overlay gave this plain gray concrete driveway a beautiful stamped finish that can withstand extreme heat as well as vehicle and foot traffic. Learn more about resurfacing a concrete driveway to give it a brand-new look.

(Contractor: Sundek of Houston)

Stamped Artistry in Pasadena, TX

Give It a Tile Pattern

A concrete driveway scored in a large-scale diamond tile pattern can be installed at a fraction of the cost of real tile while providing the same upscale look. The pattern is given additional depth and dimension through the use of concrete stains.

(Contractor: Stamped Artistry)

Increte of Houston in Stafford, TX

Provide Easy Access

An ashlar stone patterned concrete driveway creates a grand entrance to this stately Houston home. The circular shape offers the advantages of multiple entry points and easy turnaround access.

(Contractor: Increte of Houston)

Aztec Decorative Concrete in Houston, TX

Mimic Flagstone

For homeowners who want to replicate the distinctive look of real flagstone, using flagstone stamped concrete is a budget-friendly alternative that offers easier installation along with the design versatility of decorative concrete. It’s also a great choice for driveways because it holds up better than real flagstone under the weight of heavy vehicle traffic.

(Contractor: Aztec Decorative Concrete)

Angel's Concrete Design Services in Houston, TX

Make It Match

Through the use of stain or integral color, concrete is one of the only driveway paving materials that can be color coordinated to match a home’s exterior. Blending a concrete driveway with the color scheme of a home is a great way to enhance its curb appeal without being distracting.

(Contractor: Angel’s Concrete Design Services)

Stamped Artistry in Pasadena, TX

Use a Texture Stamp

This residential concrete driveway was stamped with a seamless texture to impart a subtle, stone-like appearance. The light sandy-beige color reflects the sun’s rays and helps reduce heat absorption.

(Contractor: Stamped Artistry)

Supreme Concrete & Tile in Houston, TX

Create Contrast

To break up the monotony of a long, winding driveway, this Texas homeowner used stained concrete for the apron and brick-stamped concrete for the rest of the driveway. This technique not only creates stunning visual contrast, it’s also useful for segmenting a driveway into various zones for parking and pedestrian traffic.

(Contractor: Supreme Concrete & Tile)

All Concrete Coatings in Magnolia, TX

Add a Pebbled Finish

Resurfacing an existing concrete driveway with a textured, pebble-like finish is an economical way to give it new life and cover up discoloration, minor cracks, and other wear and tear. It also provides good skid-resistance for vehicle and foot traffic.

(Contractor: All Concrete Coatings)

Houston Concrete Staining in Spring, TX

Give It the Look of Hand-Laid Stone

Random stone is one of the most popular patterns for stamped concrete driveways because it offers the rustic look of irregular, hand-laid stone. Here, the pattern is enhanced by a dark brown stain to replicate the effects of natural aging. See more popular stamped concrete patterns.

(Contractor: Houston Concrete Staining)

Imagine It Designs in Brenham, TX

Show the Way

An acid stained and engraved compass design creates an eye-catching focal point in this concrete driveway. Concrete engraving can be used to transform both new and existing concrete, with patterns ranging from brick and cobblestone designs to custom logos and graphics.

(Contractor: Imagine It Designs)

Tips for Pouring Concrete in Hot Weather

  • In areas like Houston with brutally hot summers, use a concrete mix with a high air content and low water-cement ratio to increase its durability and minimize shrinkage cracking.
  • If you know the weather will be hot in the afternoon, ask your contractor to schedule the concrete pour for the early morning hours, when temperatures are cooler.
  • To prevent the concrete from curing at a faster rate than normal, consider using retarding admixtures or chilled water in the mix to delay concrete set times.
  • Although concrete is a durable material, exposure to unrelenting heat and other climate extremes can take its toll. Be sure to treat freshly poured concrete with a cure and seal to aid in hydration and improve its strength.

Learn more about pouring concrete in hot weather.

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