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  • This residential entryway was clad with Marveled Designs’ custom concrete panels to achieve a modern, minimalist look. The panels were left neutral in color to facilitate the development of a natural patina.
  • This residential bathroom was upgraded by Marveled Designs to be aging-in-place friendly, providing ease of functionality as the homeowners grow older while providing a clean, modern feel. In the shower, white precast concrete wall panels and a seamless terrazzo concrete base eliminate the need to clean tile grout. In the shower corners, the concrete panels have an exposed-aggregate finish to add design interest.
  • Smooth, black concrete wall panels with custom shelving complement the existing black and white marble tiles in this remodeled shower.
  • Concrete wall panels in blue and gray adorn the exterior of Marveled Designs’ showroom. The panels are treated with a commercial-grade sealer to make them impervious to the elements. “This is an example of how the panels can be incorporated to drive the overall architectural design of a structure,” says Madsen.

Concrete tiles and vertical overlays are two popular options for creating decorative concrete wall surfaces. But if you’re looking for something more innovative, you might look into concrete wall panels, which are the unique specialty of artisan concrete company Marveled Designs.

Based in Chatham, N.Y., the company has been fabricating and installing decorative precast concrete since 2007, servicing much of the North East. Their panels can be custom designed for almost any indoor or outdoor application, are professionally installed and unlike wall tile, they don’t require grouting. In addition to wall panels, Marveled Designs also specializes in precast concrete countertops, vanity tops, bathtubs, fireplaces, furniture, thin floor and vertical overlays, and polished concrete floors.

“All of our panels are custom made. In addition to a wide range of standard colors, we can custom match any color. Our own custom blend of GFRC enables us to fabricate panels that are as large as 10 by 4 feet and ½ inch thick,” says Justin Madsen, the founder and president of Marveled Designs. A third-generation mason, Madsen has worked with concrete for over 20 years.

Walls in showers and bathrooms are the most popular application for the concrete panels. However, they have also been widely used as decorative exterior wall claddings in both commercial and residential settings, including the façade of Marveled Designs’ own showroom and throughout much of the interior.

“Drywall in living areas and tile in bathrooms and kitchens is fairly commonplace. Concrete wall panels can achieve a design not easily replicable through other mediums and are a stylish alternative. In addition, the panels are more durable than drywall and do not need to be repainted,” says Madsen.

In addition to designing and precasting the panels, Marveled Designs installs them as well. “To ensure the best fit possible on any given project, we template the space and do the install as well, although customers can opt to do the installation themselves,” says Madsen.

Despite the large size of the panels, they are strong and crack resistant. Marveled Designs uses a blend of GFRC components and admixtures, in conjunction with casting techniques that they have refined over the past decade to ensure good performance. Once processed, the concrete panels are also treated with a combination of densifiers and a commercial-grade sealer to make them impervious to moisture.

“Customers express being pleased with the more seamless result relative to tiles, as well as the lack of a need to clean grout as part of maintenance,” says Madsen. “They also like the range of finish options, ranging from matte to high gloss and from marblelike smoothness to exposed aggregate.”

Marveled Designs
Chatham, NY

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