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The Concrete Crack Lock is installed by saw cutting a thin slit of concrete across the crack and drilling two small holes at each end. It is then set in place with a fast-setting epoxy to permanently lock both sides of the crack together and prevent any further movement.

There is nothing more frustrating than fixing a crack in concrete only to have it reopen again due to expansion or shifting of the subgrade. When used alone, even the best repair epoxies can’t hold an active, moving crack together. But when combined with a mechanical reinforcement system, such as Rhino Carbon Fiber’s Concrete Crack Lock, crack repair is not only more efficient and less labor intensive, the fix is also permanent.

“The Concrete Crack Lock is an evolution of the staple. It was uniquely engineered to permanently stop cracks in concrete slabs, poured walls, columns, foundations, swimming pools, and floors in preparation for coatings. Additionally, it is designed for cracks of various sizes under virtually any circumstance, and can even be used to increase seismic strength to repairs after an earthquake,” says Steve Andrews, Rhino’s development manager. “Because the Crack Lock is made of carbon fiber rather than steel, it also eliminates the potential for corrosion.”

Aesthetic benefitsAnother benefit is the minimal aesthetic impact of the repair. “The Crack Lock has an ultra-thin profile, resulting in a less intrusive repair,” says Andrews. “Less epoxy is also used in the installation process.”

After the repair has cured, any excess epoxy can be removed with a grinder. The repair can then be completely disguised by covering it with a decorative coating or overlay.

After removing excess epoxy, the repair is ready to be covered with a decorative coating or overlay, resulting in a nearly invisible fix.

How it’s installedEach Concrete Crack Lock kit includes 20 locks, a tube of high-strength epoxy paste, a static epoxy nozzle, and gloves. “A tuck-point grinder equipped with a diamond blade and a hammer drill can efficiently install the Crack Lock in minutes. No other special tools are required,” says Andrews.

To install the Crack Lock, repair contractors saw cut a thin slit of concrete across the crack and drill two small holes at each end. Next, they fill the cut with Rhino’s fast-curing epoxy and insert the ends of the Crack Lock into the drilled holes.

“We use the Concrete Crack Lock to repair foundation cracks and stitch back foundations once we stabilize and lift them back to level. Their strength and durability are exactly what we need to properly repair our customers' foundations,” says waterproofing specialist Austin Weber with The Real Seal, Schaumburg, Ill. “The Crack Lock is also easier to install, creates less dust, and adds extra strength to the foundation, ensuring a solid fix.”

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