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At the Bergamot, a unique spa/boutique in Encinitas, Calif., customers enjoy a very natural, organic experience. The owners of the spa hired design company Conscious Nest and DC Custom Concrete to carry on this experience into a custom sink design. "We collaborated together on the shape and overall look and feel of the sink," says Chris Frazer, co-owner of DC Custom Concrete. "The idea was to incorporate a very natural, almost erosion-like look to the sink bowl."

To create the sink, DC Custom hand-formed the bowl negative with several coats of plaster. "We then finished and sealed with a poly resin coat," explains Frazer. DC Custom used one of their standard light tan colors called Khaki which was incorporated into the wet-casting, and then was sealed with several coats of natural penetrating sealer.

The sink size is approximately 6-foot by 2-foot at 8-inches deep. "Of course, the most challenging part, as usual, was the installation," says Frazer. The sinks appears to float by being bolted to heavy duty angle iron against two walls. It was secured with ½-inch bolts that were embedded in the bottom of the sink.

DC Custom Concrete
San Diego, CA

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