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A vessel sink, a contemporary take on the farmhouse pitcher in a bowl, is one of the hottest looks, especially in upscale homes. Often a bowl-like shape, the vessel sink is designed to appear to sit upon a countertop with faucet fixtures above.

Photo by: BDWG Concrete Studio Inc
Photo by: Artistic Concrete Creations
Photo by: Unique Decorative Concrete
Photo by: J. Aaron Cast Stone
Photo by: Studio 3-23
Photo by: Concrete Craftsmen

Sonoma Cast Stone offers a line of vessel sinks that are inspired by old English washbasins. Available in eight colors, their vessel sinks are perfectly round and may be inset into a counter at any height positioned above, below or flush with the counter surface.

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Design ideas for vessel sinks:

  • Add color to the concrete mix before casting so that the inside and outside of the basin match
  • Polish the inside of the sink, while leaving the outside in its natural finish to create an interesting duo of textures
  • Adapt the traditional bowl shape by adding a chunky rim
  • Give a vessel sink modern flair by using straight edges rather than a rounded design
  • Create an organic sink by gently varying the height of the rim in a few places

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