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While most radiant heating systems are in-floor installations, and go down before the floor is placed, some electric systems are available in mats or loose wire systems as thin as 1/16 inch that can be affixed to existing concrete or wood subfloors and then covered with a thin-set cement or gypsum overlay without significantly raising the floor height. Many of these products come in rolls, like carpeting, and are composed of evenly spaced electric wires bonded to or embedded in a durable fabric or mesh material. Generally, these systems are used to warm smaller areas or to provide supplemental heat in individual rooms. They typically are not intended for whole-house heating. Most systems operate on standard 120- or 240-volt power.

Common Applications

  • Use retrofit radiant heating to warm floors in bathrooms, bedrooms and dressing areas.
  • Retrofit cold basement floors with radiant heating to create a more comfortable living environment.
  • Use loose-wire retrofit systems, which you can place in various configurations, to heat cramped or irregularly shaped areas.
  • You can also cast the heating cables within the walls of concrete bathtubs and soaking tubs to maintain warm water temperatures.

Retrofitted Radiant Projects

Radiant-Heated Bathroom

This bathroom has become an oasis for the homeowners, and the perfect antidote to cold Northeast winters. In addition to the warmth conveyed by the rich color tones and texture of the concrete tub, the room is heated by radiant heating installed on the subfloor beneath the concrete tiles.

Heated Concrete Vessel Tubs

Heating elements were cast into the walls of these custom concrete vessel tubs to provide the ultimate in soaking comfort.

Retrofit Radiant Heat Systems

ZMesh from Heatizon

Tempzone from WarmlyYours

Warmup underfloor matting


EasyHeat floor warming mats