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  • Case Study: LastiSeal to the Rescue

    Mark Sassano of Deco Surf has over 40 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry. However when he moved his business to Florida, he had to make some adjustments. His typical combination of water-based pigments sealed with a clear solvent-based sealer didn’t hold up well under Florida’s intense sunshine.
  • “The UV degradation caused some of my driveways to chalk up, the solvent was a recipe for disaster!” says Sassano. After thorough research, he decided to use LastiSeal Brick & Masonry Sealer, a surfactant, to fix the degraded driveways. A mild citrus based detergent was used to clean the concrete and then a mixture of LastiSeal and Sassano’s own water-based pigments was applied.
  • “The results were awesome. What I like best is that LastiSeal continues to migrate into the surface of the concrete to form a protective barrier that keeps moisture in check so it cannot form under the final film forming sealer,” he explains. With this experience in mind, Mark shares this valuable insight: “It is not so much the products used, but in fact the situations and conditions in which they are used.” LastiSeal was the perfect solution for the sunny Florida climate.

With all the work involved in a typical decorative concrete project, it’s always great to find a product that can save you time and effort without diminishing the quality of your work. LastiSeal stain and sealer from RadonSeal is the perfect example. Unlike a typical concrete stain, which only imparts color to concrete, LastiSeal waterproofs and beautifies concrete in one step. The pigmented stain penetrates deeply into the substrate, producing long-lasting, UV-resistant color and a semi-translucent finish. It also fills the pores in the concrete with epoxy, absorbing up to 4 inches deep to permanently strengthen and waterproof the substrate. Because the stain penetrates into the concrete, it does not leave a film on the surface. This allows you to preserve the natural texture of the concrete without diminishing its slip resistance.

LastiSeal comes ready to use in 5-gallon pails and 1-gallon jugs. Choose from 36 earth-tone and tropical colors. Unlike a typical concrete stain, LastiSeal waterproofs and beautifies concrete in one step.

Another plus: LastiSeal is also environmentally friendly. Because it’s water-based and contains no harmful acids or solvents, it can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. It’s low in VOCs, compliant with California VOC regulations, nontoxic, and nonflammable. Outdoors, use LastiSeal to stain and waterproof driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks. Indoors, use it as a stain and sealer on basement floors and slabs on grade. You can also use it to stain concrete or masonry walls and concrete bars and countertops. The sealer is resistant to stains from alcohol, wine, mustard, vinegar, and many other food products.

How to apply
Outdoors, you can apply LastiSeal quickly and evenly using a pump-up garden or low-pressure sprayer equipped with a fan-tip nozzle. Indoors, use a foam or mohair paint roller, brush or sponge. If applying the stain to walls and other vertical surfaces, use a sprayer followed by a roller to pick up drips and even out the color.

Decorative options
Unlike typical acid stains, which come in a limited color palette, LastiSeal offers endless color options. It comes in 36 earth-tone and tropical hues, and you can combine colors by mixing them together before application or by applying a second application of another color. If you prefer a less intense color, you can also dilute the stain by mixing it with clear LastiSeal brick and masonry sealer.

Like other penetrating stains, LastiSeal leaves an attractive semi-translucent, mottled look. More porous areas absorb more stain and look darker. Sophisticated decorative effects can be achieved using faux finishing techniques or by creating patterns using stenciling or by masking off areas with painters tape.

LastiSeal has a matte finish with a low-gloss sheen. If you want a glossier finish, you can apply a surface wax or a clear, high-gloss urethane or acrylic sealer.

Surface preparation
Because LastiSeal must fully penetrate the concrete to impart color and fill the pores, the surface must be clean and unsealed. Before applying, be sure to remove dirt, paints or coatings, curing compounds, adhesives, efflorescence, oil, grease, and other contaminants.

LastiSeal also works best on concrete or masonry that is porous, so the color can fully penetrate. Let new concrete cure for at least a month or two before applying. On existing concrete, it’s recommended that you test the surface porosity first to ensure that the color pigments are able to absorb properly.

For more information:
RadonSeal, Shelton, Conn.

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